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Op-Ed: Pulling Back The Curtain on Money in Politics

Money in politics is a problem. I always knew this, but I underestimated just how thoroughly the two had become linked. I’d like to pull back the curtain for a moment and show you one of the things I’ve learned since becoming a state senate candidate.

The picture accompanying this article is just the 20 most recent pieces of mail I’ve received to my personal address and you can see how thoroughly they cover my dining room table. Each one markets signs, postcards, or other advertising services. This is only the physical mail - the number of emails I’ve received is easily ten times this over the last couple of months.

This isn’t right. So much effort put in by these companies should tell us just how much money there is to be had. Now to be clear, I’m not trying to blame any of these dozen companies for anything. The amount of money spent on campaigns continues to skyrocket and they want a piece of that pie, but we need to recognize that this is a symptom of a deeper problem.

Our founders’ ideals were ‘one person, one vote’ but the way our current system works rewards people with money by giving them more power over our elections. Candidates should

be connected with and accountable to all their constituents: not hosting closed-door fundraisers and networking with small groups of strong influencers.

On PerkinsForMN1.com you can find multiple policies, like publicly funded elections, designed to limit the influence of money on our elections and hold our elected officials accountable to all of their constituents. Voting begins September 18th. I hope you’ll vote for Reed Perkins and make a clear statement that elections should be won because of a candidate’s policies, not their pocketbooks.

This op-ed appeared in the Crookston Times on September 21st. Here.

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