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Policy: Abolish Daylight Savings Time

If you're reading this the day it's posted, you might be feeling both drowsy from losing an hour of sleep this weekend and frustrated from trying to remember how to change the time on your appliances. Daylight Savings Time is responsible for both of these things and we don't have to put ourselves through this anymore.

Originally instituted during WW1 as an energy saving idea, studies done since then heavily dispute the idea that a modern electrical grid benefits in any way from the move and there are multiple studies that suggest it actually increases energy consumption. [1][2] Although what we gain is questionable, what we lose is quite real.

Fatal car crash incidents rise 6% the week after we lose an hour. [3] Workplace injury incidents see a near identical rise of 5.7% over the same time period as well. [4] The workplace injury study also checked to see if there was a drop in injuries when we gain more sleep and they couldn't find one. The authors of the work cited that while the average American loses about 40 minutes of sleep during the spring, they only gained 12 extra minutes in the fall which wasn't enough to impact anything.

There might have been a time when Daylight Savings Time was useful, but we have outlived it and it's time to move past the, 'We've always done it that way!' mindset and end this practice. There is currently a bill in both the Minnesota State House and Senate both bipartisan support with that goal, so I have confidence we could even end it this year, but if not, this is another common sense issue I'll be fighting for. [5]

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